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0.9% Sodium Chloride
99.1% Purified Water

Sprays at Any Angle

100% No Harmful Chemicals
100% No Hidden Nasties

Bag on Valve
Our Bag-on-Valve (BoV) technology enables effortless spraying at any angle, ensuring that even the most challenging-to-reach areas receive the meticulous care they deserve.
Ingredients 0.9% sodium chloride, 99.1% purified water
Saline Solution Gentle yet powerful saline solution, our formulation promotes optimal healing and cleanliness, ensuring your piercing receives the care it deserves.
Cooling Effect Feel the rejuvenating coolness upon application, providing a soothing sensation to the pierced area for enhanced comfort and relief.
Isotonic Formula Carefully crafted to mimic the body's natural salinity, our solution creates an environment that promotes swift and effective healing, supporting your body's natural processes.
Precision Nozzle Fitted with a meticulously engineered precision nozzle, ensuring precise and targeted application, guaranteeing thorough coverage for optimal care and protection.
Fine Mist Spray Experience gentle yet effective application with our fine mist spray mechanism, delivering essential care precisely where it's needed most.
Hypoallergenic Formula Naturally hypoallergenic, our piercing aftercare caters to all skin types, minimising the risk of allergic reactions and ensuring gentle care for everyone.
Easy Application Designed for effortless application, our applicator ensures a hassle-free aftercare routine, simplifying the process for your convenience.
Gentle Cleansing Provides gentle cleansing, nurturing the pierced area with care and comfort, ensuring a soothing experience.
Quick Absorption Facilitates rapid absorption into the skin, ensuring optimal results for efficient healing and care.
Usage Instructions Clear and concise usage instructions provided for effective application.
UK Company Trust in a product developed by a distinguished UK-based company renowned for its commitment to excellence.
Water-Resistant Tamper-Proof Box Every unit is securely sealed within a tamper-proof, water-resistant box, guaranteeing authenticity and maintaining effectiveness
Free from Harsh Chemicals Crafted without harsh chemicals, our formulation ensures a nurturing and safe aftercare experience, prioritizing your well-being.
Generous Quantity Packaged in an 80ml bottle, you receive an ample supply for extended use and ongoing care, ensuring your piercing receives consistent attention.
Portable and Travel-Friendly The conveniently sized bottle easily fits in your bag, making it perfect for on-the-go and travel use, ensuring you can maintain your piercing care routine wherever you are.
Why Choose Black Edition?

In the world of body piercing, impeccable aftercare is paramount. The PIERCEMED Black Edition stands out by delivering premium, targeted care through advanced Bag-on-Valve technology. This special edition, offered in a convenient 80ml size, ensures that professional piercers can provide their clients with the highest standard of aftercare.

Advanced Technology for Superior Care

The PIERCEMED Black Edition utilises cutting-edge Bag-on-Valve (BOV) technology, providing a number of distinct advantages:

Purity and Protection: The product inside the bag is completely isolated from the propellant, maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the aftercare solution, ensuring that it remains uncontaminated throughout its use.

Full-Range Application: Designed to dispense seamlessly at any angle, the BOV system allows for easy application, reaching even the most difficult areas. This ensures thorough coverage and aids in faster, more comfortable healing.

Waste-Reducing Design: The 80ml BOV container maximises product usage, squeezing out every last drop to ensure your clients receive full value from every can.

Eco-Conscious Commitment

Embodying our dedication to environmental responsibility, the Black Edition is free from harmful propellants like butane and aerosols. By choosing the Black Edition, piercing studios not only uphold the highest standards of client care but also contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

Enhanced Studio Visibility and Client Education

To help elevate your studio’s profile and educate your clients on the importance of proper aftercare, PIERCEMED offers exclusive promotional materials with the Black Edition. These include eye-catching A3 posters that not only enhance your studio’s aesthetic but also serve as an educational tool for your clients.

Partner with PIERCEMED Black Edition

Opting for PIERCEMED Black Edition means choosing a partner dedicated to excellence and client well-being. Our premium wholesale piercing aftercare products are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of contemporary piercing studios, providing unmatched quality, innovation, and commitment to the environment.

Elevate your piercing studio with PIERCEMED Black Edition. Experience the pinnacle of premium aftercare solutions—because your clients deserve nothing but the best.

latest technology


Using the latest technology, our Black Edition can be sprayed at any angle, even upside down, for those hard to reach piercings.